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30 Tips for better spine health
Exercise Regularly
Eat Healthy
Maintain Good Posture
Invest in a Good Pillow
Maintain Spine Flexibility
Balanced Carrying
Take Periodic Breaks
Use Proper Phone Technique
Sleep on Your Back or Side
Good Sleep Support
Invest in Proper Shoes
Invest in Good Chairs
Think Ergonomically
Listen to your back
Maintain optimum body weight

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Esthetic Posture Treatment
Natural treatment
No surgery
Straighten your spine
No medication
100% safe
No corset
Eliminate neck and back pain
Painless treatment
Boost your self confidence
Increase your height 3 to 5 cm
Obtain a perfect posture have an ideal look
Non invasive treatment
No side effects
No pain
Same treatment done as in europe

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For foreign patients: A very advanced intensive treatment is done for foreign patients who suffers from back pain. Contact us for more info about the package ( airport transfer , hotel accommodation, treatment plan ).

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